Friday, August 29, 2014

Fuan no Tane+ / Volume 3 / Chapters 77-82

This is the third section out of five in volume 3, so we're over half way through!

Unfortunately (for KAIDANblog) I started school this week so updates may be less frequent. I'll try to find a schedule that lets me post consistently. Just a heads up!

Anyway, here are chapters 77-82:
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Original manga by Nakayama Masaaki

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Kurai Rouka to Ushiro no Genkan

Kurai Rouka to Ushiro no Genkan
This is another project I've been working on. It's a compilation of oneshots by mangaka Oshikiri Rensuke which have previously appeared in the horror magazine Yuu (幽). Most of them have a similar feel to the stories in Fuan no Tane+ and Kowai Hanashi: short, spooky tales that almost feel like they could happen to you, a perfect fit for this blog! The first story is called "The Red House" and will be posted in the next day or two.

Sign of Immaturity [Modern Hyakumonogatari: Kowai Hanashi 5/99]

Sign of Immaturity (半人前の印)

By Nishiurawa in "Modern Hyakumonogatari: Kowai Hanashi"

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Cry of the Cat, Part 3/3 [Modern Hyakumonogatari: Kowai Hanashi 3/99]

The Cry of the Cat (猫が啼く) Part 3/3

By Nishiurawa in "Modern Hyakumonogatari: Kowai Hanashi"

The Cry of the Cat, Part 2/3 [Modern Hyakumonogatari: Kowai Hanashi 2/99]

The Cry of the Cat (猫が啼く) Part 2/3

By Nishiurawa in "Modern Hyakumonogatari: Kowai Hanashi"

The Cry of the Cat, Part 1/3 [Modern Hyakumonogatari: Kowai Hanashi 1/99]

The Cry of the Cat (猫が啼く) Part 1/3

Update and Intro to Modern Hyakumonogatari

KAIDANblog is back after a huge absence. Slug Chicks (be sure to check them out if you haven't already) picked up where I left off and continued translating Fuan no Tane+ through to the second volume. I'm currently speaking with them about volumes 3 and 4 (the final two), so whether you see them here or over at Slug Chicks, you'll be getting them soon! In addition to that, I have a good number of spooky oneshots that I'll be posting.

In the meantime allow me introduce another translation project I've been working on.

Modern Hyakumonogatari:
Kowai Hanashi
This is a collection of modern hyakumonogatari by author Nishiurawa. For those unfamiliar with hyakumonogatari (literally "one hundred stories"), it is an old pastime originating in Japan.

Participants would gather at dusk and light one hundred candles in a room with a mirror. One by one they would tell each other tales that might involve ghosts, demons, monsters, hauntings, curses, or even just strange occurrences.

After the story is finished, the person who told it would enter the room with the candles, extinguish one, and look into the mirror. Of course, as the night went on and more and more candles were put out, the room with the mirror would get darker and darker.

Traditionally, a session of hyakumonogatari would end with the 99th story in order to avoid extinguishing the final candle.

Unlike classic hyakumonogatari, the stories in this collection all take place in modern settings. They are presented by the author as true stories he has gathered by speaking with people who have experienced strange things. From the back cover of the book:

"Japan's traditional hyakumonogatari, in which it is said that 'after the hundredth tale is told, something truly strange appears', is, for better or worse, being resurrected for the modern world. There is a lurking 'strangeness' that can suddenly show its face from the darkness of everyday life. Nishiurawa, an expert in the world of weird tales, has gathered stories about this strangeness from people who have experienced it themselves. From scary stories that make your hair stand on end, to tales of ghosts that have a sorrowful air of nostalgia, one hundred real horrors have been selected to be recorded. After reading them all, will a 'strangeness' appear in front of you...?"

I'll be posting these stories regularly in addition to the upcoming manga projects. I hope you enjoy them!